2019 Cyprus On Pedals Day-2 Highlights /

 Discover the year-round real flavor of Cyprus beauty in the Mediterannean sea. The picturesque village of Potamitissa history dates back to the middle ages. The inhabitants of the village of Rogia established it, when the Saracen pirates destroyed that village prior to the start of the Ottoman era in 1570.

Foini village.
Foini, is a village in the Troödos Mountains of Cyprus notable for its pottery.

Kaminaria-Elia bridge.

The Venetian bridge of Elia (olive tree) is found on the confluent of the river Diarizos that has its sources at the village of Foini.

It got its name from the only olive tree that existed in the location in which it was built. Since it was rare at the time and the altitude, the olive tree was a point of reference for travelers.

It is a very pointed bridge with one arch. It is built out of stone and it is part of the trail “Enetika Gefyria” (Venitian Bridges).

Tzelefos Bridge 
is located in the Paphos forest near the Turkish Cypriot village of Agios Nikolaos. It was built during the Venetian occupation in Cyprus (between 1489 and 1571) and belongs to two bridges (that of Elia and Routkia) in a complex of Venetian bridges built to serve the access of the then inhabitants of the area. The bridge is the largest of the medieval bridges on the island. It is part of the so called  “Kamilostrasta” that has been for centuries the main commercial copper transport route from the Pera Pedi mine to the harbors of Paphos and Polis.

Agios Nikolaos 
village is one of the most picturesque villages of Paphos. Years ago, the Agios Nikolaos village was one of the biggest and most important vine villages of the island.

Petra tou Romiou
 (“Rock of the “Roman”) (as Byzantines referred to themselves as either Greeks or Romans until the 1820s), also known as Aphrodite’s Rock, is a sea stack off the shore along the main road from Paphos to Limassol. The combination of the beauty of the area and its status in mythology as the birthplace of Aphrodite makes it a popular tourist location.

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