2019 Cyprus On Pedals Day-4 Highlights /

Kourion Archaeological Site
. The remains of Kourion – which was one of the island’s most important city-kingdoms in antiquity – are of the most impressive on the island, and excavations have unearthed many significant finds, which can be viewed at the site.
The city-kingdom was built on the hills of the area and overlooked and controlled the fertile valley of the river Kouris. The magnificent Greco-Roman theatre – the site’s centrepiece – was built in the 2nd century BC. The theatre has been restored and is now used for open-air musical and theatrical performances – mainly during the summer months – making it one of the most popular settings for high-calibre cultural events.

Governor’s Beach
. The beach is well known for its white rocks which resemble chalk and is one of the main reasons which many people visit the area. The rocks have created large white platforms on the water which are suitable for exploring , sunbathing and jumping into the clear blue waters.
The beach received the name Governor’s Beach due to a former British governor who spent a lot of time at the specific beach.

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