Race Day Procedures

Bike Check-in
Sunday 5:30-7:00

Don’t remove the bike race number.
Have your bib number with you.

Direction for Putting on The Timing Chip Band

Place the band on ankle with words “Swim, Bike,
Run” showing Face Up.
Place the gap between the foam tags at the center of
the ankle. Make sure one foam spacer is located on
the right side of the ankle and the other on the left
side of the ankle – Per photo #1.
Adjust and attach the Band by inserting two fingers to create space between the ankle and the Band – Per
photo #2.
Be sure your hands are completely clean so as not to affect the adhesive with sunscreen, Vaseline etc.
For the timing Band to work properly, it must be on the outside of all clothing. Do not cover with wetsuit.
A backup timing chip is behind your Race Number. It is very important not to remove it.

Bike Check-out
Sunday 15:00

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