Nireas Triathlon Company Policies – ANMarathon


Registration deadline
Registration to an event is only possible using the online system and before the deadline announced for the event.

The right to participate
All our events are invitation events, and the organisers may refuse entry to any competitor, on any grounds, and at their own discretion without explanation.
Age must meet the requirements as per the current competition rules.
Registration, including payment, must be completed prior to the registration closing date.
The waiver removing responsibility from the organisers must accepted by ticking the relevant box during the registration.
The organisers have the right to use the event photos and videos in any way they may wish for the purpose of promoting and marketing the events.

Nireas Triathlon insurance requirements.
To be able to compete, competitors should be in excellent physical condition and understand the risks. If in doubt they should seek professional medical advice.

Awards Policy
Awards will not be provided before the ceremony.
If you are eligible for awards and must depart before the awards ceremony you are not eligible for the awards.

We understand occasionally it may be necessary for you to withdraw or transfer your entry.  To be as fare as possible our transfer and withdrawal policy is strictly as below, and no exceptions are made for illness or injury.

Cancellations and transfers must be made in writing either by e mail to:

  • Entry Fees are non-refundable
  • With notification up to 30 days and over before the event date a credit note for the entry fee will be issued valid for two years and only for the same participant.
  • With notification of less than 30 days before the event date there will be strictly no refund or transfer.
  • To cancel your registration, you don’t need to give explanations, nor you need a medical certificate.
  • Nireas Triathlon reserves the right to change the date or time of the Event due to bad weather or outside influences that are beyond their control. No refund of the Entry Fee will be made because of any change in the date or start time of the Event.
  • It is not possible to transfer a slot to another participant.

Athlete bags pick up
Photo ID is required for registration and bag pick up.

Bike check-out
The competitors can remove their bikes from the transition area after the designated time in each events information.

Drug Abuse
Anti-doping testing may take place at events and competitors are expected to comply with any tests or risk disqualification from the event.

Posted Race Dates
Nireas Triathlon is only responsible for the race dates published on their website.

Competition rules
All our multisport races are under ITU competition rules. Any deviation from these rules will be clearly stated in the specific event information. You must take personal responsibility to understand the rules and avoid penalties.

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