The most exciting format of triathlon, where legends are made. This is the chance to compete against the best on the island.
The event will be the first-ever super triathlon made possible with the contribution of Ayia Napa Marina. With the engagement and fantastic support from Ayia Napa Marina we have managed to put together a spectacular course.The number of slots is limited.



  Swim   0.25Km
   Bike  5Km
   Run   1.2Km

The race will be held in two stages.

Athletes will compete in groups of 20.

The best 15 time of all groups will go to the final.

  Date: 30/10/2022
  Start: 08:00 Stage-1
11:00 Stage-2 (Final)
  Max number of participants: 100 Male, 100 Female
  Start format: Waves of 20 athletes
  Drafting: Draft legal race (bikes without aerobars)
  Mount/Dismount: Mount/dismount Zone. Failure to mount/dismount within the zone results to disqualification
  Wetsuit: Use of wetsuit is prohibited
  • After swimming in the amazing Ayia Napa Marina, the athletes have to run up a ramp into transition.
  • The bike course is as fast as it can be, demanding power surges and good handling to cycle in the pack.
  • The run follows a course inside the marina before a spectacular finish line.


The fee is set to €35.

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